Show Pig

Intro: Show Pig

Every pig shower needs to know the importance of showing a pig and how to do it correctly. Most people when they own pigs it is so they can show them in 4-H and FFA. Showing pigs have a lot of benefits. I am going to show you in the next give steps how to get your show pig ready.

Step 1: Step One

First the shower will need to purchase pigs that they like and think that they would make a great show pig. This will need to be a pig that does not have any problems walking, or looks sick. This needs to be a pig that is very healthy. That means it needs to be eating and drinking properly.

Step 2: Step Two

Next, the purchase of the pig of your choice will need to be made and bring the pig home. Once you have brought it home you will need to have a safe and healthy place for it to be. This will need to be an environment where the pig will likely not be able to get sick and a place where it will not get hurt.

Step 3: Step Three

Then, find the right feed that your pig will eat and has the correct amount of protein/nutrients your pig will need to eat so it will grow correctly and will hopefully be the champion pig! Your pig also needs to be weighed periodically to make sure it's not gaining too much at one time because that is not healthy. It should be gaining around two to three pounds a week.

Step 4: Step Four

After, you need to start working with your pigs. This means you let them out of their pen and let them run around the farm or a safe place for it to run. You will start learning what your pig likes and how to control your pig. All pigs are different! By this, it will start learning some of your command and the shower will learn what you will have to do to get the pig to listen. Trying all different sorts of pig sticks because some pigs like different ones than others!

Step 5: Step Five

Last, you are almost ready to enter the ring! The last thing to do is to wash your pig and shine it up! Find some pig shampoo that will be okay to use on the pig. Make sure that all the soap comes out or it can damage the pig's skin. After your pig is washed and dried. You will be ready to show your pig to the judge.



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    Interesting. It is always fun to see behind the scenes of everyday things.