Show Your Already-hidden Desktop Shortcuts

Introduction: Show Your Already-hidden Desktop Shortcuts

In this my first instructable, i want to share a trick that may take anyone who will use your PC (including you maybe). In final, you can see all your desktop icons but can't double click or do anything to it. Because it is only an image.

The idea of this based on topic Creating keyboard shortcuts to open programs on Windows 7 (it's similar to Windows Vista and not very different in later windows). You can find it on Microsoft's website. By the way, English is not my native language. So, pls be patient with my mistakes and go on playing.

It's totally simple and fun, here we go!

Ah...but first of all, let save a picture of your original desktop now.

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Step 1: Create Shortcut Keys

Right-click the shortcut icon to open its properties window.

You must apply this step to any icon you want to disable on desktop. And notice that, once you've done, you can't delete or move the icons, if so the shortcut keys won't work.

Step 2: Hide Your Icons

Yeah, we can't delete or move icons but we can hide them instead. Select them and open context menu by right-click on, then tick the hidden box.

But besure that your File Explorer don't show hidden items. So, we open Folder and search options window in File Explorer.

Step 3: Finally, Set the Image of Your Original Desktop As New Wallpaper

Just do this last step and you will complete a funny trick to have your icons censored by an uncensored image.

See! Your desktop now looks no different before but only you who know the way to open a program. Just press Ctrl+Alt+the Secret key in your mind.

In the end, thank you for reading my instructable. It's a gift to me!

P/s: I can't guarantee this trick won't take you too :D

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