Shower Bottle Caddy and Other Plastic Bottle Stuff

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This bottle caddy is a quick and easy; it doesn't require a lot of explaining.
Using a plastic bottle and a suction cup, this can be made to hold shampoo bottles upside down which is useful when they're almost empty. I have many suction cups laying around from those dish sponge holders; every time I buy a new sponge set I get another suction cup.

Fun little hanging bowls and window planters can be made too.

Tools: Scissors and a hole punch
Materials: Plastic bottle and suction cup

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Step 1: Cut Bottom Off

Using scissors, cut the bottom of a bottle completely off. In my case I used a 2-liter. Save both top and bottom pieces.

Step 2: Punch Hole and Insert Suction Cup

Use a paper hole punch to make a hole for the suction cup near the rim of the cut bottle.
You may have make many holes with the punch to make a hole big enough for the suction cup to fit.
Squeeze in the suction cup.

Step 3: Make Hanging Bowls

Use the bottom for little suction cup bowls.

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7 Discussions


5 years ago on Step 3

Finally a resting place for my toothbrush and paste! Thanks. PT


10 years ago on Introduction

I would be worried about the suction cup coming undone if used as a window planter.


10 years ago on Step 3

I like that you made use of the whole bottle. Very creative. I might make a couple things like this. The little bowl would make a nice place to stick the dish sponge. Any ideas on using the lids? I've seen a few good ones, but am interested in your input.


10 years ago on Introduction

Suction cups suck; er, don't suck; er, hell, you know what I mean. Yer better off with glue, 'cause glue glues!

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Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

You just can't get them too wet or on any textured surface. I have several pounds of bath toys in nets suspended from suction cups; they hold that way for months before they need a reattachment. And I guess it all depends on the quality of the suction cup. Man there's a lot of suction here! LOL