Shower Curtain No Longer Sticking to Your Body

Introduction: Shower Curtain No Longer Sticking to Your Body

If you have a shower curtain you probably know the phenomenon that the curtain likes you very much and tries to stick to your body while in the shower.

An very easy fix came up to me for that problem:

Most of the shower tubs are made of steel covered by porcelain enamel, but still it is steel!
So what we need here are some nice magnets and some tape for the first version.
I used electrical tape because that stick quite good to my shower curtain made of vinyl.
The magnet is a neodym magnet - small and very strong!

I attached like four magnets to the curtain - one every 20 cm.

A possible improvement would be to somehow stitch the magnet to the curtain because the electrical tape does not like warm showers as I do. So it happened that some of the magnets detached again. But so far I couldn't find magnets with a hole in this size.

Hope you like this!-)

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    3 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Just take cold showers and this problem does not exist!



    6 years ago

    I always just use a shampoo bottle and lay it on the rim on top of the shower curtain and it holds it in place haha. X)


    6 years ago on Introduction

    You could try using a tent repair patch instead of the tape, that way you don't compromise the curtain (it's sure to tear over time if you stitch it) and it'd be waterproof too.