Shrek Dragon Head

Introduction: Shrek Dragon Head

Our middle school is doing Shrek this year and I was charged with sets and some costumes. Our director asked for a dragon head that a kid could sort wear on their head/carry around. With very little budget, this was my best attempt!

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Step 1: The Things You Can Make While Recycling...

Ok so I really don't like paper's messy!

So in order to keep it lightweight, I duct taped 3 plastic kitty litter jugs around a long cardboard box.

Step 2: Chicken Wire Works Wonders

So then, I formed chicken wire around the jugs/box and used more tape to secure it. Then covered it with batting and you guessed it, more tape. Hey, I figure if the kids can make purses and outfits with duct tape, I can do this! I pinched in around the snout and added a couple pieces of foam for the nose. Worked backward, forming the shape and I went.

Step 3: Almost There

Then I painted two styrofoam balls green and taped them in place. In order to create the eyelids/brows I cut more bits of foam and you guessed it, more tape!

Step 4: Almost There...

I apologize for the big leap between steps here...I didn't intend to to this when I made that :)

But anyway, here's what's next. I used two colors of pink felt, and covered head with scales I cut. I used tacky glue. I cut the lashes out of the kitty litter plastic(curved edge) and painting black. The teeth and spikes are white soft foam. The ears are just cardboard.

The actress can see out of the mouth, which is just cardboard covered with batting and fabric. I used black felt for inside mouth and nose.

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4 years ago

That looks amazing, great job


4 years ago

It looks great!