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Introduction: Shrinky Dink Dancers

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Iv'e seen some instructables on shrinky dinks but none on how to make shrinky dink dancers. This idea came from the shrinky dink book. It didn't have instructions though, just a picture of one. This instructable will show you how to make your own.

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Step 1: Materials

This project doesn't need much. All you need is:

1. Shrinkydink paper
 ***there are different kinds, one kind is crystal clear, one is solid white, and one is like the kind I used: it has a smooth clear side and rough clear side. You can only use markers on the first 2 types but you can use color pencils on the last type, which I prefer.

2. color pencils
 ***or markers. which ever you prefer

3. pencil

4. good black ink pen
 ***or permanent marker; the pen leaves a more vibrant line than the sharpie but its easier to smear

5. scissors

6. hole punch

7. at least 2 links
 *** if you want earrings like this instructable shows, you will need 2 earrings and 6 links
 *** to make it a magnet you will only need 2 links and some magnet paper 
 *** to make it into a keychain you will need 3 links and a keychain

8. paper

9. sharpener

Step 2: Draw Your Template

If you want to make multiple identical dancers as I need to do to make earrings, it is a great idea to draw your design on a sheet of paper that you can use to trace the design on the shrinky paper. If you only want one dancer than you can save yourself some time and just draw your design directly on the shrinky paper. When you do draw on the shrinky paper, be sure to draw on the rough side.

You will need to draw a circle in every spot that will need a hole. You will need one at the top if you are making earrings, charms, or keychains. You also need one hole for each leg and one hole directly above each leg. Draw a line from one side of your dancer to the other passing between the 2 sets of circles as shown in my templates, this is your cutting line. Be sure to leave adaquate space between the circles and the line to make room for the holes without touching the edge.

I have posted all the templates I have made for dancers so far. Feel free to just print out my templates and use them for your dancers.
The smaller ones are for earrings and charms. The bigger ones are for magnets and keychains. The bigger ones break up into 3 sections so they will need 2 more links than the little ones that only have 2 sections.

Step 3: Transfer to Shrinky Paper

Now you need to transfer your design to the shrinky paper. Its really easy since the shrinky paper is see through. Just lay the shrinky paper over the template rough side up and trace it. If you are making earrings you will obviously need to trace it twice. I trace mine in pencil first just in case I mess up and then go back over the pencil lines with a pen. If you are more confident than I, just trace it in pen the first time and save a lot of time.

1. trace in pencil
2. go over lines in pen
*** the pen is very easy to smear, so I use a scratch piece of paper to lay over my shrinky paper where ever my hand touchs it so that when I move my hand I wont smear the line work.

Step 4: Color It

Time to add some color. I prefer color pencil because it's easier to get shades.

Step 5: Cut It Out Some

Now begin to cut it out. You dont need to cut on the lines, you can leave a little boarder if you'd like. Be very careful when you cut it out, it is very easy to get tears. If you do get small rips, dont worry, they will go away when you shrink it. Leave lots of space around the circle at the top at this stage. Be sure to leave all areas rounded, squared areas will be sharp

Step 6: Punch the Holes

Very carefully punch all the holes.

Step 7: Finish Cutting

Now you can trim the rest. Cut around the hole at the top leaving enough space around it to prevent it from easily breaking.

Step 8: Earrings

Put a link through the top hole. Then attach the earring to the link. Or the keychain if you are going that route. You dont need this hole if you are making a magnet.

Step 9: Cut Apart and Link

Now to make it dance :)

1. cut the design apart on the cut line you drew.

2. add links to the two holes in the body

3. attach the legs to the links

*** this part is the hardest because it is easy to put the legs on backwards. If you do, just take the link back off and try again. 

Step 10: Bake!

time to shrink it!

1. preheat oven to 325
2. line a cookie sheet with tin foil
3. lay dancer on tin foil drawing side up (rough side)
4. put tray in the oven
5. WATCH it shrink. don't walk away and leave it. It only takes 3 to 5 minutes to shrink.
 *** it will begin to curl up then it will flatten out and shrink a bit more then its finished
6. take it out and if the dancers arent laying flat, immediatly press them down to flatten them out. Be careful, they will be slightly hot.

All done :)

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Beautiful. What else did you make? <3 <3 <3 for you.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! I use shrinky dinks to make keychains and charms.


    6 years ago

    I just started making shrink dink coins! I love your post. You mentioned you saw the dancers in a shrink dink book. Where did you get the book? What is the title?
    Thank you


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    hey, thanks for checking it out! Yea, its called The Shrinky Dink Book by Klutz and you can actually order it from walmart.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, I just wanted to comment.. This art work is the coolest.. That I have seen on here today:) I must ask, can you draw fairies? I have not drawn in years! I would love to take some time to get back in it. This art work is the bomb.. 8)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks so much!!!! I'm glad u like it. I can draw fairies but I'm not good at making up own. I can copy just about anything tho. You should get back into for sure even if its only for a little craft like this. It's fun.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    I know this should silly but you get exactly the same effect if you draw on a piece cut from a white yoghurt pot.

    In fact all type 6 plastics will shrink in a similar manner. You can find the type mostly by looking on the bottom for the plastic type triangle which should have a number in it. 6 in this case.

    If you want to use coloured pencils then rough the surface with some fine sand paper.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Yes, that should work just as well. I've heard of this solution before but never tried it myself. Thanks for looking :)