3D Printed Plastic Shroud for Iconic Antique Seiko Watch As Worn by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Various Films

Unobtainable sparepart for abovementioned watch nicknamed "The Arnie" - This is a collector's item among Seiko fanatics.

Arnie wore this watch in several of his famous movies, which is the reason for its popularity, it was produced about 30 years ago.

This particular platic part tends to get very brittle after all these years, and tend to break.

This is a 3D printed replacement part for said watch, which is printed in black detailed plastic.

Since it was impossible to get the sparepart, I made up a part drawing and had it 3D printed.

After printing it has to be polished, I use water abrasive paper (600 and 1200) and after that Farecla G10 boat polish for a mirror finish.

Finished this looks exactly like the original cast plastic part.

I have also designed and 3D printed a "dummy" to hold it during polishing (the white thing on the picture).

To actually draw the thing involved importing a photo into the sketch to get the angles and position of the holes and cutouts correct.

I'll definitely look into making a proper 3D scanner as a future project.



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