Shrugging Teddy Bear Cup Cake- Cake

This is a simple little cake you can make from home. All you need is your favorite kind of cake mix, 7up to substitute for water, your cup cake liners and pans, food coloring, and chocolate&White frosting.

Step 1: Mix Cake

Step 2: Arrange Cup Cakes

Arrange the cup cakes on a platter to match the picture shown.

Step 3: Frost

With chocolate frosting cover all the cup cakes, then tap the cake around so it gives it a fuzzy look instead of trying to make it look smooth.

Step 4: Outline

Put some of the white frosting into a sandwich bag and cut off the corner of it. create eyes and outline the bear like in the picture.

Step 5: Color

Add green food coloring to the white frosting and fill in the sleeves, skirt, and middle of the eyes in green. Also make little leaves on the side cup cakes on bottom, and add bows on the ears.

Step 6: Color

In another bag mix up white frosting with red food coloring and fill in the nose eyes hands and make flowers. Then you are done. ^-^



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