Shruiken Cup Holder.

Introduction: Shruiken Cup Holder.

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Having never used this program before, this design may be good evidence that 123D Design is easy to use, because even I (an imbecile) can use it. So we will be making a holder for foam cups in the form of a deadly shruiken being held by our mysterious night ninja. The cups will be placed between the shruiken blades.

How does this hand not fall over you ask? Like many products, this holder would use heavy materials in the base of the holder to weight it and prevent your coffee from going everywhere. 

This took relatively little time so let's just jump straight into the building process.

Step 1: Step 1- the Shruiken

So the first thing we want to do is make the shruiken. So what we are going to do is simply drag a cylinder onto the screen, squish it down using the pull/push feature (until it becomes a few mm thick) and now that we have a pancake shape, we can begin to form the blade (OPTIONAL- by using the chamfer tool along the edge, we can create a more 'blade-like' look)

Then by adding cylinders of various sizes, we can place them where we want the 'holes' of the shruiken to be and then use the 'subtract' feature to remove the cylinders and create a neat and tidy shruiken blade. I decided to have four holes around the edge, with a smaller one in the middle.

Step 2: Step 2- the Hand (Fiddly Bit)

So this next part will require a lot of experimentation to achieve a realistic pose.

So by adding and manipulating  a number of sphere and pill shapes, we can create finger-like features, with the spheres acting as joints and the pills used as the limbs themselves. Rotate and experiment to achieve the pose you see fit (mine was the ninja, about to strike!), JUST REMEMBER TO KEEP TWO FINGERS HOLDING THE SHRUIKEN.

It would also be wise to avoid posing the fingers in such a way that they prevent a cup from passing through the holes.

Now just add and stretch a sphere to create the palm of this hand, and boom! that's the hand done!
You can now move/align the shruiken to the model and adjust to fit the weapon.

You may notice that I added materials at this time, but that's completely optional.

Well done! that's the hardest it's gonna get!

Step 3: Final Step- the Cuff and Finishing Touches.

This part's relatively easy, simply add a tube and manipulate/rotate it so that it looks like a cuff on the palm, and add a cylinder and stretch/rotate that to create  'inner' part of the wrist.

Now to flatten the base of the cuff to make it able to sit on flat surfaces, I added a cube and resized it under the cuff, then used the subtract tool to cut a flat surface under the wrist.

That's the project finished! It would be wise to resize the whole project to something a little more realistic (say have it roughly 25cm/20cm or roughly 10"/8")

Well done! That's a ninja design for your digital dojo!

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    That's actually a very neat idea! I would edit this instructable, but having already uploaded it about five-million times correct typos, I might leave it for now :)

    But thanks anyway!


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting idea! but may I suggest making a slit with precise dimensions to hold the shuriken? Letting it balance itself between two cylindrical objects might be a bit iffy