Shuffling Cards the Fancy Way

I'm gonna be teaching you how to do the bridge while you're shuffling cards, I hope you enjoy this instructable and I hope it helps you shuffle and do the bridge

Step 1: What You Need

You're going to need a deck of cards, it doesn't matter if it's a deck of 52 cards or a deck of 104 cards you just need a deck of cards

Step 2: Getting Started

First off you're going to want to split the deck in half and keep half of the deck in your left hand and half of your deck in the right hand

Step 3: Starting the Shuffle

Now that you've got half of the deck in each hand you're gonna want to put three fingers on the outer edge, your pointer finger in the middle of the cards and your thumbs on the inner edge of the cards

Step 4: Shuffling

With your thumbs you're going to fan the cards together

Step 5: Starting the Bridge

Now that your cards are fanned or shuffled together don't push them together, keep them connected on the edge of the cards

Step 6: Bridging

Now You're going to arch the cards, but keep your thumbs on top to help guide those cards together, now just let the cards bridge together and there, you d done the bridge. Good luck on learning this, it'll take some practice but it's really easy to do when you finally get the hang of it, thanks for using my instructable



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    3 years ago

    I never could figure out how to do the bridge. Thanks!

    Oo that is fancy, I bet it can be great to intimidate other card players! Welcome to instructables!