Shutdown Prank Virus

Introduction: Shutdown Prank Virus

Hello, everyone once again.. here's my fourth instructable ... I'm pretty sure it's quite easy, in fact..
A new shortcut must be created in-order to program a shutdown, log off or a restart command.. The shortcut redirects to the system shell and booom

Step 1: Create a New Shortcut

First of all, let me introduce you some basic codes, which you'll be using through out....

Shutdown   - shutdown -s
Restart        - shutdown -r
Log Off         - shutdown -l

So, lets get started!
Okay, First of all you'll need to create a new shortcut in order to work out this prank...

(Right Click) on the desktop and then click on Shortcut

Step 2: A Wizard Box Appears

After you do so, a wizard should appear.. It will ask you to select the location of the shortcut..
You should type the previously mentioned codes here

Alright, I'll jut type in Shutdown -s and then click next

Now, it'll ask you to type the name for the shortcut..
Just type in some import system file's name such as My Computer or whatever you prefer, it doesn't matter what.

After the naming process just hit finish and you're almost done

But the icon doesn't seems to look so good..
Now you'll have to change the icon.
Right Click on the new shortcut you've created and click on Properties
now just hit on the tab named Shortcut and then select change icon..
Select the icon that suits u the best ... and you're done

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