Shutter Upcycled (repurposed) Into Magazine Rack




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Shutters or bi-fold doors are easily found at the curb or thrift stores.  This project was made from a bi-fold door that I cut in half.

Step 1: Remove Every Other Slat

You will need to remove every other slat. You can do this by using a claw hammer to break the slat you're removing. I used my Dremel Max to flush cut every other slat.

Step 2: Sand the Cut Slat.

If you use a hammer to remove every other slat, fill the empty holes with some spackling or wood putty. Because I used the Dremel Saw Max to flush cut my slats, I sanded the pieces smooth.

Step 3: What Your Shutter Should Look Like

After removing your slats, you can see that you will easily have room to hang your magazines. Tip: I save my removed slats to use as paint stirrers. 

Step 4: Prime Your Shutter

I used a paint sprayer to get a great (easy) coverage.  If you don't have a paint sprayer, you can use spray paint. Painting by hand is another option. Be sure to check the opposite side so that you don't get drips and runs. 

Step 5: Paint Your Magazine Holder With a Topcoat

I used a can of spray paint for the topcoat.  Again, you can use a paint sprayer or paint by hand, being careful to not get any runs or drips.

Step 6: Embellish Your Magazine Rack

I used a vinyl cutter to add a decorative swirl. You can use a variety of embellishments, including wood, or some old decorative hardware. There is a definite right side and wrong side to hang your magazines.  Be sure to test to see which way you want your magazines to hang.



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love it! Unfortunately, I just gave away my old shutters ;(