Siamese One Layer Cube

This cube has four axis, with eight layers to turn.  (Sorry about the picture quality, i didn't realize how bad the pictures were until i started to make this instructable.)

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Step 1: Get the Stuff

Get the two cubes, glue (I used plastic model glue), a knife or some other cutting thing, and some time.
Remove one row from each cube so that you can put the cubes together as shown below in both the pictures

Step 2: Corners

Cut the connecting part of the cube off and glue it on the side opposite of the other corner's connector piece...  Just look at the pictures....  It needs to look like the first picture when you're done.  This step needs to be done twice but with different colors showing on the outside.  THAT IS IMPORTANT!!!

Step 3: Middle

Cut the connector off of one middle, and the other side off the other cube.  Stickers should be removed before cutting the cubes.  Glue the cubes so that they look like the first picture.

Step 4: Wait for It... Now!

Let the glue dry... And assemble it. 



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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Forgot to mention, but the algorithms for this cube are mostly the same as the double layer cube.