Side Cornrows Hair Style Tutorial



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If you already know How to Cornrow, this is a really quick and simple style that will last for at least a week on course hair. If you don't know how to cornrow, learn with my easy to follow tutorial HERE!

Ready, Set, Let's get started!


Brown Girls Style, LLC

Step 1: Edges: Part Hair

Make a cornrow around her edges. I like to do this to keep her edges neat.

Step 2: Make Slanted Part

Make a slanted part and cornrow the hair to the edge and stop. I put a hair clip on to keep the cornrow from unraveling.

Step 3: Repeat

Step 3 Repeat Step 2 above all the way down.

Step 4: One Last Cornrow

Take the remaining hair and cornrow it down to the end!

That's it! A quick and simple style that you can repeat all year long!



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