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Side pony tails look great whether there high or low, though smoothing any stray hairs with water or bobby pins. This can be a convenient stylish or if you'd like it to be silly! In other words it's a fun do.

Step 1: High Pony

A high side pony tail is always fun but kind of difficult it might look kind of goofy if not done right, it might also have the same affect as pig tails and make you look younger.

To make this pony tail you'll need a hair tie and a brush

1. First brush out your hair
2. Now gather all your hair, using your brush, on one side of your head
3. Once you have all your hair gathered and in place put in your hair tie.

Step 2: Low Pony Tail

Now for the slightly more stylish lower side pony tail

1. Once again brush your hair out
2. Gather your hair on one side of your head close by your ear with a brush
3. Fix your hair and put the hair tie in

Step 3: Fun Little Adjustments

Try doing a braid, not too tight or it'll stick out.

Now try a rope braid.

Maybe you'd like a fish tail?



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