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Introduction: Side Project No.2

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So this is my side project No. 2 (the first was my shotgun pistol). It can fire a bolt or either a connector piece.  Its looks pretty cool too. Here are the Pro's and Con's. If asked I might post it I'm not sure. Enjoy.

non-band trigger
new handle angle
Strong trigger (rachet)
Looks good
2 firing ways
feels good
compact (as much as a sling can be)
Mostly accurate

Stockless (one was going to be added)
It always shots be can sometimes be unaccurate



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    I do, but, it is kind of regular, i'm sorry I know how long these guns take.

    Well I made it in a hour, I'm a fast bulider. Plus I didn't plan this :)

    Beretta M93 raffica.
    It's a pistol. It shoots semi auto and 3 round burst. It has a folding foregrip (folds up from the longer trigger guard under the top of the frame) and it can be equiped with a folding stock. Everyone who played MW2 or battlefield 3 knows it. Otherwise, you can look it up on wikipedia.

    Ah, the pics are posted for mine on your orange board but it doesn't have a trigger guard.