Side Project No.4



Alright so this is my latest project. This goes out of my zone a little bit because this is a shotgun. It loads through the bottom of the barrel. It fits two blue rods into the port. You have to have the ram pulled back before you load the rounds. It also features a very nice welly placed trigger that doesn't need a rubber band to be activated. Well this gun isn;t anything to brag about I don't really like it to much. I'm like 99% percent sure I won't post this. Alright now to the pro's and con's


No band trigger
nice trigger placement
nice handle angle
mostly slim
fires two blue rods
ok sights
looks ok
feels good
quick easy reload


Horrible rande 20-27 feet (tested)
Not my favorite gun

So thats my newest gun and about my side project 2 I'm considering making instructions for that I'm not 100% sure yet. So please no mean comments on this gun. If you don't like it, join the club.



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