Sideways Grow Box




Introduction: Sideways Grow Box

So I made a grow box that lies on its side instead of upright. Why? Because I could. Also it ended up being easier to build.

Step 1: Materials

To make this little grow box you will need:

• 4" diameter PVC piping
• A 50 gallon plastic bin(42.7 x 21.4 x 18 inches)
• A 5 gallon bucket
• 6" Duct Fan
• 3 Lamp kits
• 3 Light bulbs, preferably CFL's
• A glue gun and plenty of glue
• A caulking gun with caulk
• A butter knife
• A blow torch

Step 2: Making the Holes

Choose a side to be the bottom. Mark a 4" hole near the corner of lid. Mark another 4" hole on the side of the bin. Mark one last 4" hole on the side of the bucket. Make sure that the hole on the bucket and the hole on the bin are level. Mark 3 dots at the top of of the bin on the lid. Mark a 6" hole on the side of the bin.

Now to cut out all of the holes get the knife and, using the blowtorch, heat it up to red hot and use it to cut/melt through the plastic bin. To save some time you could heat up the part of the bin you are going to cut first. This greatly reduces the amount of fumes produced and the amount of time it takes to cut the bin.

Step 3: Putting Stuff Tohether.

Put together your lamp kits and run the wires through the small holes at the top. Glue in place(1).

Connect the 4" hole at the bottom-side with the 4" hole in the bucket, using PVC piping. Stick a length of PVC into the 4" hole in the lid(this is the air exhaust). Glue in place and seal with caulking gun(2).

Put the fan through the 6" hole in the side, glue, and seal(3)

Step 4: And That's It.

If you can forgive the atrocious asthetic state of my room, here is the fished product. All that's left is to fill the bucket with soil.

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    The SYNer
    The SYNer

    Reply 5 years ago

    Not yet. I'm waiting on some seeds. I'll probably have something growing by the end of November, at which time I will most likely update the instructible.