Sigma Secretary Chair Fix

Introduction: Sigma Secretary Chair Fix

Hey everybody. I'm sorry I took all photos after i completed this. But I think you can read and understand this very little process.

I bought this chair with a relatively good budget. But I have understood that it is not comfortable at all. I wish I had a stone chair. Anyways, the thing is its seat is sloping to front so my ass is like want to sit on floor after a while. Next step is I get angry.

Step 1: Seat Has a Frozen Pro.

Well. I figured out that there is a spring in the seat lets you swing backwards but it is so strong it never stays like that. Maybe its because I'm about 50 kg I dont know. But here is what I did.

Step 2: I Cut Him

There is a plastic cover around the mechanism just under seat. It's useless cut it out. And fracture it into pieces.

I didn't use corners because they are curved. They might act like spring. I did put 8 layers of this plastic glued together.

Or you can find a piece of wood.

Step 3: There You Go 8 Pieces

In the photos you see unnecessary 8 piece I use just as a block. The thing is you actually need to remove that cover because it "cover"s it. When it becomes vulnerable you can reverse your seat and swing with your weight. After that put desired amount of block into the front gap of mechanism.

Now you have a comfortable chair.

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