Signature Guacamole

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Things You’ll Need

Red onions
White Sugar

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Step 1: Prepping Avocados

Tip #1 Tasting is key to making the perfect guacamole.

First cut your avocado in half and remove the seed. Now make criss-crosses in each have of the avocado being careful not to puncture shell, and remove with a spoon.  Save the shells for serving.

Step 2: Adding in the Ingredients

Tip #2  Amounts of each ingredient are up to the chef!  Use your own taste buds to judge it!

Next dice up the red onion, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro and add them to the avocado.

Step 3: Mix It Up Real Good!

Tip #3  When mixing up all of your ingredients make sure avocado is smooth.

Using a fork begin to mash up all ingredients together.  Then add a squeeze of lime and taste.  If the guacamole is to acidic from the lime add a bit of sugar to balance it out.  Mix it, fill up the avocado shells, taste it, and serve!

Step 4: Suggestions and Serving

  • To keep guacamole fresh in the refrigerator; place into a container and cover with a damp paper towel and lid until serving next.
  • Serve with my spicy veggie quesadillas or some of my other Mexican recipes.

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    Blue Hawaii

    5 years ago

    Very nice and simple gwak recipe. I use a vacuum sealer on a wide mouth Mason jar to store the leftover qwak. If one isn't available, I will place the pit back in with the gwak, plastic wrap on top of the qwak to seal out any oxygen, then completely cover again with a lid or another sheet of plastic wrap.