Silence Clanking Metal Trash Can

Introduction: Silence Clanking Metal Trash Can

What you'll need:

Frost King E/O 5/16 in. x 1/4 in. x 17 ft. Rubber Weather-Strip Tape available at Home Depot Aisle 18. (any color you prefer, I used black with my silver trash can)

How to:

First, measure the base opening of the metal kitchen trash can with how much weather stripping you'll need, then cut the appropriate length to accommodate the necessary amount of weather stripping. Remove tape from inner lining of weather stripping and adhere to base rim of trash can so that it adheres to both sides of the rim of the base of the trash can.

Second, measure the rim of the lid with the weather stripping and then cut to the appropriate length. Remove tape and carefully adhere adhesive around the lid of the trash can being sure to allow the weather stripping to fold over on each side of the rim creating a padded barrier.

Finally, test it out. The amount of noise diminished from utilizing this method should be exponentially significant.

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