Silent Hill Nurse

Introduction: Silent Hill Nurse

This is m take on a silent hill nurse. I wore it to comicon in 2012

Step 1: Making the Mask Base

I began with plaster wrap, making a simple face mold of my face. Then once it dried over night I added bulk with newspaper and glue. I just googled a few images and went with it. All the nurses are different so there really isnt a wrong face. Just make sure that you have your mask go under your chin, and more then midway over the top of your head. you want to be able to take it off but not have it fall off. and of course leave eye holes. mine were slits in the creases 

Step 2: Bulk It Up

Next I wanted some real texture to my mask so I looked up a simple home made clay out of toilet paper and joint compound. I started adding layers slowly letting them dry till I got the size and shape I was after. Most nurses have rotting parts of the face so I did my best to get a base I could build off of with paint.

Step 3: Next Up Paint

First I did a whole red coat, because well blood of course. This part is hard to describe because it was a lot of adding different shades of reds. then blacks and yellows and greens. Just mess around with it, worst that is gonna happen is white wash and start over. 

Step 4: My Extra Step

I am sure this can be done with paint but for my own boredom I tried something else, I used some off white tissue paper. with watered down glue, just enough to change the texture and make it look a little more like dead skin or rotten bandages.

Step 5: Gloss

Wanted it to look kinda wet, so any gloss type product will work. I went over it all, plus extra on the "bloody" area

Step 6: Ah the Dress

Well I made mine out of an old bed sheet. Found a pattern at goodwill and went for it, it wasnt pretty. But I tweeked it, shortened it and tea dyed it

Step 7: Props

The nurses use lots of weapons, i was going to use a scalpel but thought a pipe would be more fun. This was just a cardboard tube my friend had, I used black silver and red paint to make it "pipey" looking

Step 8: Don't Forget the Hat

I almost forgot the hat, but was glad to remember 2 days before leaving. simple, 2 squares 2 rectangles sew sew sew glue on head haha 

Step 9: Blood and Done!

so as far as the back of my head, I did not get a good pic of it but it was just a hood I cut off of a hoodie and wrapped with extra fabric from the dress. worked out better then I thought it would. After that all that was left was adding blood. I mixed up some paints took the dress outside and went to town. The last pic here shows the back on, but the poor kid was someone I tripped over. He was climbing out from under the table and I didnt see him. I may have scared him, what you think??

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