Silent Hill Nurse Mask

Introduction: Silent Hill Nurse Mask

hello and welcome :) today i will be explaining the steps to make the silent hill nurse mask. because many people have been asking me on the internet how i made mine. this way is easier than going out and buying latex to make one or just to buy the latex masks that are way expensive. i also used the paper mache method in mine. so i hope you enjoy and i loved that i could help someone make this :) PLEASE MAKE SURE TO MEASURE YOUR HEAD BEFORE ANYTHING. as it may not fit if you dont

what you will need (mask):
Cheese Cloth
Flour and water
1 roll of white heavy duty duct tape
brown, tan, red paint.
stretchy beanie/skull hat
cheap plastic face mask (to build off of face shape)

what you will need:(hat)
computer paper
red,brown paint

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Step 1: Starting With the Plastic Mask

once you have the correct head measurments. your going to take the plastic mask and tape the very top of it to the the end of the beanie. make sure the mask is under the beanie when you tape. NOT over it. After you finish with that, using your white duct tape tape over the beanie and plastic mask all of it except one eye hole. you can cover the left or cover the right one. i chose the right because its more like the picture of the nurse i saw with the right eye uncovered. dont worry about poking out the holes in the nose and mouth just yet. we will get to that later. just make sure for a quick second that it fits your head. if it doesnt try stretching the beanie out a bit and taping it that way. this is important. and yes the back is supposed to go halfway over your head.

Step 2: After Taping

After taping all of the mask except one eye. your now ready for the paper mache :) get your flour and water mixed and your newspaper ready. :D cut rip the news paper into about 1 inch strips vertically. place each peice over evenly to cover all of the tape. so now your mask and hoodie will have 2 layers of stuff on it. 1st is tape. and second is newspaper. once again its okay to cover the nose and mouth. we will cut those out last.

Step 3: Another Layer of Tape

once the paper mache newspaper has dried. you can now add another layer of the duct tape over the newspaper. so it will be durable.  

Step 4: Poking Holes

Afterwards, when newspaper is done dryind. your going to poke holes in the 3 layers of material. poke out the 2 holes in the nose area and the mouth hole so you can breathe when wearing this. haha, make sure the holes are the front of the mask. you want to make sure you can breathe. !

Step 5: Cheese Cloth

then, your gonna get your cheese cloth ready along with your super glue :) YAYY! anywho, your going to apply the cheese cloth but make sure you cover all the white visible tape on the mask with it. you can cut the cloth to your desire. as long as it covers everything. this cloth is llike fishnet so it shouldnt bother your breathing. if your doubtful about this. put holes in the nose and mouth area again so you will cut that last layer of material (cheese cloth)

Step 6: Painting

now you are able to paint the cheese cloth on your mask. with your brown, red, and tan paint, to give it that dirty old grunge effect. just go crazy with the paint if youd like. after all its your mask :)  i didnt have a tan so i dipped my brush in the brown and put it in a cup of water, to make a lighter wattery tan paint color. it gave it a smudge looking apperance. i was happy with the results :)

Step 7: Nurse Hat

For the hat i took a total of 6 peices of paper. 3 for the top part and 3 for the bottom. i cut the bottom strip to my desire then folded it horizontally to make a rectangle. dont glue yet though. then i folded the other 3 peices to make the top half, i also folded them horizontally but made them into a trapazoid. with an opening at the end/base. next, just glue the trapazoid top half to the center of the rectangular bottom half. then glue the corners/sides of the bottom half. when dry. paint it how you would like it. dirty it up or put some blood stains on it :D

btw you should probably put your hair up if you wear this cause it will be visible to the back. just put your hair up in the back of the mask, so that it wont hang down. and thats it. hope this helped :)

Step 8: Results

also if you would like you can add black eyeshadow to cover more of your eye so it doesnt look odd.

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