"Flat Baroque" Floor Clock




Introduction: "Flat Baroque" Floor Clock

About: Hi I'm Raymond of (liv)-Lab. My work explores the human condition through the creation of objects, experiences, and environments. I created (liv)-Lab as a theoretical place for me to critique and explore t...

This piece is from my Flat Baroque series it is inspired by the opulence of Baroque style. Flat Baroque : Flat Broke= The flattening of 3d forms into silhouettes and realizing them as something beautiful on the cheap.

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Step 1: Putting It All Together



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    That looks great!

    What is a bell hanger and where would I find one? How does it connect the clock to the frame? Would Command Hooks work?

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    Oh and the sand in the base is a great idea. Kudos.

    Thank you very much for your compliments and comments. Cheers

    Good question and thanks for bringing the lack of clarity to my attention. A bell hanger is a piece of plumbing hardware (most hardware or plumbing supplies would have them) used for hanging copper piping, typically when it is ran outside of the wall. The bell hanger is glued to the back of the clock, and then mounted to the PVC pipe the cool thing about this application is that it allows you to swivel the clock up/down. (Picture to follow)

    Copper pipe bell hangers attached to back of clock with glue


    I did not mention cost, the build can be done for about $65 that includes purchasing tools and material.