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Introduction: Silhouette Lampshade

About: Madeira Island Civil Engineer 1983

This is a simple and quick Instructable where I will show how to design a lampshade based in a face picture that will give a silhouette form to the lampshade.

You will need:

  • a cord set - to take the diameter of the lamp holder
  • a picture with a face profile
  • CAD software - Fusion 360 in this case
  • and 5 minutes of your life, ok, 7! ;)

Let's do it!

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Step 1: Outline the Silhoutte

  1. Insert - Attached Canvas
    • Canvas opacity - less that 60
  2. Create a Sketch - choose the plane of the picture
    • Spline - from the Sketch menu
      • outline the silhouette of the face, and close the plane.
  3. In the end you will a skecth like this
    • hide the picture

Step 2: From 2D to 3D

Let´s turn the sketch into a 3D body.

  1. Create - Revolve
    • Profile - select the sketch
    • Axis - select the vertical line of the sketch
  2. Now we need to split the top and the bottom of the 3D body, but first we need to choose the split planes
    • Construct - Offset Plane
      • Plane - select the top of the bodie
      • Distance - -10 mm (as you desire)
    • Repeat this step for the bottom of the body.
  3. Split the body
    • Modify - Split body
      • Body to Split - select your body
      • Splitting Tool - select the construct plane
    • Repeat this step for the bottom body
  4. Now we have 3 bodies
  5. On the top body let's make a hole, you need to know the diameter of your lamp holder
    • Select the top face
      • Sketch - Circle - Center Diameter Circle
  6. Extrude the circle - make the hole (for better visualization hide the other body parts)
    • Create - Extrude
      • Profile - select the circle
      • Extends - To (and select the bottom side of the top part)
  7. Let's remove material from the center and bottom parts, by making a hollow
    • Modify - Shell
      • Faces/Body - select the center and bottom bodies.
      • inside Thickness - 3 mm

Step 3: Make Artistic

In this last step I will create an artistic mesh in order to let the light come out from the lampshade.

  1. Select the Front view from the cube view, and hide the top and bottom bodies
    • Sketch - choose the from plane
      • Sketch - Project/Include - Project (this will project the body form into the sketch)
        • Geometry - select the body
      • Now you can also hide this body.
  2. Let's make 2 parallel lines in the projected sketch
    • Sketch - Line
      • trace the line in diagonal as you wish
      • trace another line near the first one.
      • select one of them, then in Sketch Pallette choose Parallel, and select the other line.
  3. Extrude the area between the lines (show the central body)
    • Create - Extrude
      • Profile - select the area between the lines
      • Distance - 80 or more, confirm that this distance will intersect with the central body
      • Operation - Intersect
  4. Create - Pattern - Circular Pattern
    • Objects - select on of the parts created in the step bellow
    • Axis - vertical line created in the first sketch
    • Quantity - 10 (as you desire)
    • Pattern Type - Pattern Bodies
    • Repeat this step for the other part
  5. The lampshade with the two patterns
  6. Select the face of the bottom part
    • Sketch - Circle - Center Diameter Circle
      • diameter - 80 mm
    • Create - Extrude
      • Profile - the circle designed
      • Operation - Cut
  7. Last details
    • Create - Fillet
      • Edges - the outsite edge of the top part
      • Chord Lenght - 15 mm
      • you could do the same in the bottom part
  8. In order to 3D print this lampshade in one single part we need to combine every parts.
    • Select all the parts and then
    • Modify - Combine
      • Operation - Join
  9. Final result
    • Right click in the body, in project browser
      • Save as STL

And it's ready for 3D print.

Step 4: Silhouette Lampshade Remixed

The beauty of the parametric design is that you could simply change one parameter and then the entire design will react to that. In this last (last!) step I will show you the results of the lampshade by changing some of the parameters.

  1. Distance between the parallel lines (Step 2 - Point 2)
    1. From 10 mm to 5 mm
  2. Increase the Pattern Quantity in only one sigle direction, and hide the other (2-4)
    1. to hide one of the pattern, in the history timeline, right click in the feature, and Suppress Features
  3. Remove the bottom part - it must be done before the Combine (2-8)
  4. Design a spline and a line, instead off the two parallel lines (2-2)

As you can see the possibilities are endless, do as you wish.

Step 5: 3D Printing


Hope you enjoy, have fun.

P.S. - Only cool white lamps ;)

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    Nice 3D printable lamp shade. Could you provide us the 3D model file, and a link to where the bulb socket cord was purchased?


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    The result is very nice!

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    lol it looks like u took the top off a basket and bent it


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    Oh, a face silhouette. Very clever


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    Awesome design!