Silk Thread Card




this is one of the simple and comparatively less time consuming silk thread design card.
for making this card we need
- card
- silk thread
- needle
- scissors
- scale and pencil

Step 1: Drawing Basic Structure

roughly draw a vertical line dividing ur card into two halves on back side of visible/front side of card
similarly draw horizontal line dividing card into four parts
now behind the center point add a dot spacing 1 cm
put a dot next to the center spacing 1 cm
then add another dots from these new dots spacing 2.5 cm, refer photos
on vertical line draw one dot above and one below the center dot spacing 2 cm
then from these two dots add another two dots spacing 2.5 cms
now between new dot and 2.5 cms dot add total 9 points (11 points considering end points)
repeat this for all four sides

Step 2: Make Holes

now on these 11 dots (44 total) on each line make holes using needle.

Step 3: Make Thread Ready

on silk thread put a big knot on one side and pass other side through needle

Step 4: Go for It

now bring the needle trough the outer hole say hole one and put the needle back through the inner hole on the adjacent line say 1'
then bring needle through 2' and pass it through 2
then from 3 to 3'
continue doing this
then secure design by tying knot at the end

Step 5: The End

now repeat it on every side
finally you will get a diamond shaped design
you can write something in the middle space. name or wishes



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    2 years ago

    Simple hole pattern but became a beautiful design. Lovely!

    1 reply