Silk Screened Wrist Satchel

Introduction: Silk Screened Wrist Satchel

Select a cool design that you like and silk screen it onto fabric.  I made it at Techshop ( in the Silk Screening class in San Jose taught by Karen Davis.  I used the vinyl cutter to cut the mask and the Tech shop silk screening equipment to make the design.  This white fabric was the test sample, but since it looks so nice I don't want to waste it!  Techshop also has the basic sewing machine and a good iron that can be used to make this.

The materials you will need are:
- a silk screen design
- iron on vinyl lamination
- piping, or bias tape with cording
- Fray check
- a D-ring
- matching fabric
- zipper by the yard in a matching color

Cut a circle out of iron-on vinyl laminate  This is two arcs with a slightly flat place where the circle will fold in half to make the purse. Follow the package directions.  In this case it was to remove the laminate from the paper, and stick it to the design, and then use the paper as a press cloth and press over it with a dry iron set for wool, which is medium high.  The lamination will protect the design and will be able to be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Next we will add some piping.  You can use pre-make piping, or you can make bias binding and wrap cording with it to make piping.  In this case I had some matching yellow bias tape, so I ironed out the folds and then wrapped cording and sewed next to it in order to make the piping.  After attaching the piping, you have to clip around the circle to relieve the strain.

Next cut an interior of the purse with some white fabric.  In this case I used some white denim.  First I made a pocket that fit my cell phone.  Then I sewed the pocket to the white circle.  Next I sewed the circle to the laminated circle, using a zipper foot and setting the needle offset to make it snug up to the base of the piping.  Open up the purse and use pinking shears to trim the seam allowances close to the stitching.  Use Fray check if anything needs reinforcement.

Next I cut a piece for the zipper.  I measured the piece against the current size the the circle.  I made a window in the zipper gusset by sewing in a rectangle, and cutting into the corners, and then turning the facing to the inside and edge stitching round the opening.  Next I used zippers from "zipper by the yard" so that I could match the length of the opening exactly.  I laid the zipper under the window I just created and sewed over my previous top stitching in order to secure the zipper.  

The next step of sewing the zipper inset to the purse is a matter of sewing through many layers and needs to be snugged up against the ridge of the piping.  Go slow, using a zipper foot, and use a large needle, like a 90/14.  Be sure your needle is down when you reposition, and don't try to sew more than about 2" without repositioning.

Cut some ribbon to make a tassel for the zipper pull.  In this case I tied 3 and tied them in half and then took the longest one, and wrapped the knot and make a square knot.

Next attach a D-ring. at the same side that the zipper pull will be when it is zipped closed.  I sewed it on using dental floss with a needle with a large eye.  

Next laminate a 1" strip of white denim.  Cut around the lamination and fold it in half.  Edge stitch both edges to make a wrist strap.  Then fold each end under the D ring, line them up, and top stitch over them.   to make the wrist strap.  If there are any threads from the denim fraying off, put Fray check on them and leave it to dry.

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