Silly Zombie Pumpkin



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So I hope you guys enjoy my silly idea!

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Step 1: DIY Silly Zombie Pumpkin

You will need:


air-dry clay

eye balls

paint brush



Step 2: Eyes

First I figured out where I wanted the eyes to be.

Then I took some clay and figured out how I wanted the eyes to look.

Then I set aside the clay to dry.

Step 3: Nose

I took some clay and shaped the nose. I went for a skull look.

Step 4: Mouth

I took some clay and shaped the mouth.

I also made some gums and teeth.

I used glue to make the teeth stick to the mouth.

Step 5: Glue

I took my super glue and glued all the things on to the pumpkin.

Step 6: Eye Paint

painting the eyes I took red and made that go around the eyeball itself then covered the rest of the clay with brown paint.

Step 7: Painting the Nose

I put black paint in the nostril section, then I covered the rest with brown, and I decided I needed some red on the end of my nose.

Step 8: Mouth Paint

put black paint on the inside of the mouth, then I used pink on the gums, while the pink was wet I used some back paint to shadow around the gums, and then I added some red blood to the teeth.



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