Silly Putty and Magic Mud




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Silly Putty and Magic Mud are fun and easy to make!


Step 1: 1.Magic Mud

Spread a table cloth onto your table ahead of time, this could get messy!
Put water in a bowl.

Step 2: The Next Step for Magic Mud

Put in cornstarch.

Step 3: More Magic Mud

Mix together with hands

Step 4: What Happens Next?

Now the mud might start to dry up but still experiment what you can do with it!

Step 5: 2.Silly Putty

Keep the table cloth on the table!
Put cornstarch in a bowl

Step 6: Next Step of Silly Putty

Put dish soap in the bowl

Step 7: OK You Most Likely Understand What the Title Would Be

Knead with hands, if it feels too dry, add soap, if it feels to wet, add cornstarch, if it feels waxy, put it in a container!



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