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Introduction: Silver Disco Costume

About: I'm a designer at Instructables. I have a degree in fashion design and like to sew, get crafty, and attempt to use power tools.

I've been making some individual disco pieces for a while, and of course this meant making a full outfit to bring it all together - let the silver disco outer space superhero adventures begin!  

I have written up the disco helmet and bra in separate instructables, which are linked to in the last step.  This instructable focuses on how to make the silver top and leggings.  As two basic pieces, these instructions could be used for any stretchy top and bottom for costumes or everyday wear.  I didn't document it at the time, so have made diagrams to explain the process.  

The only things you will need for the top and bottom are silver fabric, elastic, and a zipper.  Take care when choosing your fabric!  I used a relatively nice 4 way stretch spandex.  Some of the silver lame out there is cheap and crappy, and can run like pantyhose.  I would recommend using the type of silver created by many dots of foil vs glitter or solid foil (which cracks), as it is usually higher quality.  Here are some examples if you can't find anything suitable at your local fabric store, all from the most awesome spandex store ever, House of Spandex in NYC:
Laser Foil Dot
Mini Dot
Matrix Dot


Step 1: Leggings - Pattern Pieces

For all of the following steps, it is best viewed as only images.  I've added the instructions to the images themselves, and the active seam or cutline in all diagrams is indicated in red.  

One thing to keep in mind throughout the whole sewing process is to accommodate for stretch.  Straight seams will break - the ideal tool for this project is a serger, but if you only have a standard sewing machine, adding some zig zag to your seams will give them a little room to stretch.  Some sewing machines also have a "stretch" mode. 

Step 2: Leggings - Sewing Instructions

Once again, these instructions are best viewed as only images.  The instructions are on the images themselves, and the active seam or cutline in all diagrams is indicated in red.

Step 3: Jacket - Pattern Pieces

Moar pictures.

Step 4: Jacket - Sewing Instructions

And yet moar pictures.

Step 5: Disco Accessories

To round out the outfit, you will need some mirrored disco items, of course!  Some of these are documented in separate instructables:

Disco Ball Helmet
Making this is a pretty straightforward process, but the fine tuning can take some time. I will also warn anyone making one of these helmets, that they are heavy!  It is a lot of fun to wear out for an hour or two, but will get cumbersome on a big night out.  It's awesome to bring out with a group of friends and pass around.  Plan accordingly :)

Disco Bra
And next, the disco bra!  This is pretty much my uniform at burning man, but for a party out in the normal world it is a little skimpy, hence the creation of the rest of the outfit.

Disco Belt
This is a super easy accessory to make.  I usually wear it if I'm only wearing the bra and leggings, as it is covered up by the jacket.  To make this I bought a seatbelt belt on ebay, and just glue gunned down tiles.  It took all of 5 minutes, as I used the mirror tiles that are fabric backed from Kit Kraft.  Make sure to take into account what sizes you intend to wear your belt, as you don't want the tiles to interfere with adjusting the sizing up or down.  I gave myself a few inches of wiggle room.

Disco Cuffs
This is a new addition.  I had some extra mirrors so decided to throw these together.  I used a piece of felt as the base, sewed on Velcro as closure, and glued on mirrors.  Quick and easy!

Silver Shoes
Gotta complete the outfit!  Let the internet be your guide for this.  I bought some cheap silver shoes on ebay from this seller.  They are OK, but what I really wanted are some 14 eye silver doc martins.  Apparently so does everyone else, because I can't find them online anymore.  Ah well.  These are pretty cool too.

Have more ideas for disco accessories?  Post them here!  Hope you enjoyed this instructable.  Go get your shine on!

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    I was bordering on awe, until I looked at the footwear. No mirrored platform shoes or boots? Seriously?! I'm guessing you must be under 30... So, go get some full 4 inch wedges, use mirror plexi around the sole (sheet, or squares for easier work) and do the reflective fabric over the uppers of just mod what you have there with 4 in risers. Then GF, you will be Ultra Fab! Except for that major faux pas I figure I could totally spend at least 15 min stunned at your superhero disco goddess fabulatacity. Andy would approve.

    2 replies

    Why must you call me out on what I already know?!? :P The shoes are definitely the weak link right now. What I REALLY want is to get some tall silver doc martins to rise and disco, but that's getting pretty $$$. Stay tuned, this will happen at some point!

    I didn't want to have to call in my former Studio 54 street cred, but -
    Ya, that just happened.

    The Docs are gonna set you back a sizable chunk, and recently I've seen reports (from friends, people I personally know) they've got some QC issues. Personally, I decided if I was gonna fork out cash for "combat boots", no matter how nice, there were going to be real combat boots so I bought Bellview TR. Okay, they're light garrison boots. But still, they weren't cheap (even at almost 50% off).

    Long story short - you want something comfy and stylish, but budget might be a mindful thing too. If you want to brainstorm or collaborate, I'm totally game. While it's not disco, I'm going to listen to some Jr. Sr. "Everybody" to get the mindset right.

    I'm rooting for you Super-Disco-Girl.


    I had to vote for you the instant I saw the pics. Very stunning.

    Nice workmanship, especially how the mirrored tiles line up. Maybe your mirrored outfit can disable infrared security camera's. I think in an episode of Hawaii-five-0 and/or CSI, the crooks used an infrared light to disable the camera's, but maybe mirrors might work too.
    Did you use glass mirrored tiles or plexiglass mirrored tires.

    3 replies

    Glass. Plexi is a lot lighter, but scratches over time and isn't as reflective.

    One good thing, if someone tries to grab an inappropriate place they could cut their hand.

    I,m taking down my SILVER SURFER poster
    and putting yours up, Keep having fun!

    OMG. I wish I had those pants. Do you have an Etsy site? I'd buy allll your things.

    I knew that beings from outer space were beautiful and brilliant : me want to have talk with your leader …

    Also, can we somehow guarantee that the outfit won't burn up upon reentry into the Earth's atmosphere?

    I don't know what you're selling, but I'll buy three.

    This looks sooo awesone! Great work, great look. <3 Suits you very well.

    when you go to a party and there's no disco ball just turn your helmet upside down from lol cool idea and post


    4 years ago

    You win!