Silver Plate Tray Advent Calendar With Free Printables

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Make this Silver Plate Tray Advent Calendar and it will become something you will be proud to get out year after year.

Step 1: Print Out Christmas Tree and Chalkboard Style Numbers

Attach the tree with glue stick and decorate with old necklaces and ribbon roses and some glitter glue. Cut out the numbers and space them around the rim of the tray with glue stick. Decorate the edges of the numbers with glitter glue.

Step 2: Decorate the Tray

Decorate 24 buttons with rhinestones and use hot glue to attach them to a magnet.

Step 3: On the Back of the Tray

On the back of the tray, attach a piece of sheet metal that a magnet will attach to. When I went to Ace Hardware, I brought a magnet with me and purchased the piece of metal that the magnet stuck to.

After the paper numbers are attached to the tray, place a magnet on the number. Then apply glue on the magnet that goes on the bottom side of the tray. Hold it under the tray and the magnetic field of the magnet on top will keep the magnet with the glue on it underneath in place until it dries. I used Aleene’s Tacky glue.

Step 4: Free Printables

Here are the free printable images I offer on my website :

Step 5:

Move the buttons every day and put them back on their numbers when it is time to put it away for 340 days!



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    2 Discussions

    dragon fllyer

    Question 27 days ago

    So do you put the magnets you remove from the front of the tray on the sheet metal on the back for storage? It's not really clear what the function of the sheet metal is...


    That looks really nice. Creative way to make an advent calendar.