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Today I'm going to tell you how to make Silver ring which is not exactly a pure silver ring. But with the help of this type of ring you can make your friends fool. And one more thing no one can prove it's fake otherwise he is a jeweller or related with a jeweller's family.

There is a prefect way to judge Silver or Gold. That is rub the ornament on some rough element then check the color of that ornament at rubbed place. If the color is same as previous color then it is original ornament else it's a fake item.

Let's talk about durability. An original ornament is for life-time but an fake one is or some day/week/month(as per good material used to apply on it)

Now we'll talk about prices of both item's. In original case the prices of the item is this much high that a comman man can earn hole life to buy that item that's way he can were it rest of his life. And in fake case the prices are this much low that a beggar can buy 10 of them at a time and can show off that he is not beggar, he is really a richie rich.

Step 1: Requirements

Item's required to make a Silver Ring:-

  1. A Key Ring
  2. Slim Taper File
  3. Soldering Iron
  4. Soldering Paste
  5. Solder

Step 2: Procedure

Take out the big ring from the key ring.

Now rub it gently with the help of taper file.

Clean the dust from ring and from taper file.

Dip the ring in soldering paste.

Put some solder on it and check it capturing on the ring or not.

If not then rub it more.

If yes then start soldering on it and cover hole ring with solder.

Now rub the soldered ring again to remove it rough surface and give him a nice shape.

You are ready to were it.

*NOTE:- The hole process will cut/burn your finger. I Burnt mine so I recommend to were a gloves.

Step 3: Conclusion

Wow... we completed our job and ready to make pranks. And one more thing no one can tell it's fake because when any one rub it then a same color will appear on it or we can say it will shine more...

Step 4: Output! Done! Demo!

Hope you like it...

I made some more to were in more finger's. from same thing....



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