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Introduction: Silver Splatter Art

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This is just something i learned how to make by accident a few months ago. there made out of silver solder and the first ones i made i gave to my little brothers for Christmas.

DISCLAIMER These are very dangerous to make so don't continue if you have no respect for or experience with the tools being used. this involves molten metal and high temperatures and I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING STUPID YOU DO.

Step 1: What You Need


Safety Glasses (a full face shield is recommended)

Propane Torch

Something to use as a crucible (i used an iron ladle but a steel measuring cup would work) 

Soup can with 1 1/2 " (3 cm) of water

About 10-15" (about 25-35 cm) of Silver plumbers solder

wearing a long sleeved cotton shirt is highly recommended

Step 2: Melt It

Now curl up the solder and put it in the crucible. now turn on the torch on high and apply flame to underside of crucible until all the solder is molten

Step 3: Pour It

Now being fast and careful not to spill the solder turn off the torch. now dump the molten solder into the water. do NOT Pour slowly, you want to dump it in very fast.

Step 4: Finished

Wait 30 seconds before you remove it from the can. Now you have two things you can do, you could leave it as is or you could hot-glue it to a small piece of wood with the stain or varnish of your choice like i do. now you can stand back and admire your beautiful creation. these things make great gifts (as i said  before i gave the first ones i made to my little brothers for Christmas), the first two pictures is the one made in this instructable.if your have any questions or thoughts that might improve them let me know. constrictive criticism is always welcome.



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    awesome sculptures i wanna try that but maybe with scrap lead (my dad has accumulated about 50 kg over the years and make fishing weights out of it) but maybe after a few small scale ones scale it up wonder if it will work...lead has a nice silver finish until you expose it to the weather for a loong time

    I took a jewelry-making class in college and made a silver ring covered in mushrooms. Each mushroom cap was made by dropping hot wax into water. I'm all nostalgic now. Need to dig that ring up and post it.

    Great 'ible!

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    This is a really cool idea. I sculpt in polymer clay and I'm always looking for new ideas to incorporate!

    Wool will burn, but slowly--and it smells like burning hair.
    One reason old welders like it.
    You smell it while it's still smoldering.

    Thanks for the comment and when you get it done please post pic. id love to see one of these done by someone other than myself.

    Wool would work but most people have cotton. its just to prevent burns (as molten Metal Would melt thru nylon and polyester) there isn't much risk of fire caused by metal splatter.

    This is pretty amazing, just one issue. Make sure the solder you are using doesn't have lead in it, or a rosin core. LEad is toxic, and the rosin will make it all ugly and brown.

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    Actually the rosin isn't much of an issue as i always use rosin-core solder. and lead isn't that bad ether, as long as you are in a well ventilated area or wear a respirator while making it and wash your hands after handling it. until a few years ago most CRT-type TVs were about 18% lead by weight. but i do still recommend silver solder because it is still a lot safer

    I've done this with pure tin (because it has such a low melting point) it looks almost identical but it has a more fractal look to it. Lots of intricate snowflake-like edges and branchings. Also, I thought you really did this with silver...I was gonna say that takes some serious heat, but I guess it got me to click it.

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    Depending on how much water you pour it in it can look almost like snow but it is very fragile like that so i prefer them like this.

    Way back in the 70's I worked in a foundry that made trophies. They had a large electroplateing tank where the castings were plated with silver while hanging from hooks made from round steel wire. On the ends of the wire there grew the most beautiful examples of three dimentional nuggets that looked a lot like Frost !