Silver Polish




Introduction: Silver Polish

You will need:

Egg shells

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Step 1: Get the Shells

Get some egg shells.

Step 2: Boil the Egg Shells

Boil the egg shells for 10 minutes to kill all bacteria.
Let dry.

Step 3: Pulverize Egg Shells in Blender

Pulverize egg shells in blender.

Be sure to obtain a fine powder to avoid scratching the silver.

Let sit for 5 minutes before opening blender to let the small particles settle.

Pour the powder in a plate.

Step 4: Obtain Silverware to Be Cleaned

Prepare your silverware.

Step 5: Prepare Your Powder

Add some drops of water to the powder to form a paste.

Step 6: Put Some Paste in Your Siverware

Put some paste in the area you want to clean.

Step 7: Polish the Piece

Gently rub your silverware with the eggshell paste.
Wipe clean with a soft dampened cloth.


Thank you for watching.



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    using any abrasive on siver is detrimental to the finish and plating not to mention theres a lot of work involved in your method when the same thing can be accomplished with ketchup/catsup, vinager or lemonjuice. A very nicely done "ible" and Im sure there are other uses for an abrasive like this