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This is a led desk lamp,made from scraps: a piece off 2 x 4 wood and a small sheet of 1,2mm stainless steel

I made it in ocassion of the teacher's day to my doughter who is a teacher.

The book's page says "Educate is giving wings" so I imagine two hands poping out from a book giving the chance of fly to a little bird

Step 1: Making the Book

The book is made of 2"x4" 8" long piece of wood,draw the perfil of the book and cut slices of wood with the angle grinder until get the form of a book

Make some grooves on the side that look like sheets

Then fill with putty the scratches then sand it

Glue the allusives pages to the "book" and then varnish three or four coats of lacquer in order to get the best protection

Step 2: The Hands

Cut two pieces of 13mm x 220mm of steel sheet,with the jig saw giving them the form of the hands

Bend and twist them to hold the little bird

Make five little holes in one hand in order to let us rise the wires until the led strip

Fix the "hands" to the "book" with two self threading bolts

Step 3: The Bird

Draw a bird on a paper,marking the points for the led's holes

Copy it to the steel's sheet and cut it with the jig saw,make some grooves on the tail to insert the hands holding the bird

Make three 5mm holes at 16mm of distance for the led strip section

Bend the wings and the tail

With a half cylindrical piece of plastic form the body and beak,and glue it covering the led strip

Step 4: Electrical

Make two square holes on the back side to insert the a-c connector and the switch,then rises two wires throwgh the holes in one hand,to connect to the led stripe

The desk light is energised for a 12v trasformer throwgh the a-c connector

Hope this lamp inspires you to make your own,if you liked please vote for the wood,leds and lightning contest. ThanYou

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    2 years ago

    Love the idea! I was a little confused at first about the 'hands.' I thought the two arms were the bird's tail feathers - sort of an "ideas taking flight from books" thing. I guess it works either way.

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Hi Izzipup,well this was a gift to a teacher ,and since teachers have the mission of give knowledge to the pupils,I symbolize the book as the knowledge the bird as the pupil ,and the extended hands symbolizes the giving act. Thanks for the comment.BR