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Introduction: Simhasana Bench

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Hello everyone !

A few months a go i started doing Yoga ! and i would not believe i will love it that much.

My teacher (Tamar ) is one of the best ,she supported me during the entire process , and always stood by me and helped do the postures correctly

She wanted me to build her the Simhasana Bench , and i said hey why not?! :)

Hope you enjoy this instructable , it came out awesome !

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Step 1: Buy Wood Plates and Poles

Drove to a wood shed, and bought all the wood i needed

Step 2: Take Measures

Tamar gave me the exact measures of the Simhasana Bench

So from that you need to start

The drawing that you see , is the one of the two long side legs

They support all the wight of the person lying on the bench. - so i chose it to be Hardwood

Step 3: Draw the Measures on the Hardwood

I printed the angles needed ( 60 degrees and 30 degrees ) , and made sure they are the same size ( of paper and font ) so it would be perfect.

take a pair of clamps , and tighten the board to the table - than mark all the cutting lines with pencil

Step 4: Cut the Harwood

Take a jigsaw and cut slowly the hardwood

Step 5: Continue to the Top Cover

the top cover is made of sandwich wood.

It is strong enough to withstand a persons weight , and it`s a small dimension so i`m not worried - it can`t break

Step 6: Create Middle Reinforcement Rods

In between the Hardwood , we must create Reinforcement rods in order for the whole structure to be solid and strong.

I don`t want to get into a situation where a person lies on it , and it breaks NO WAY !

So i cut with a saw 5 pieces of wooded pine rods and attached them to the Hardwood with screws

Step 7: Attaching Upper Case Covers

Unfortunately i forgot to picture the building process and attachment of the upper case.

So i would tell you shortly , that i took the measurements needed and cut it accordingly , and then attached it to the Hardwood top with strong wood glue

Than , for it to stick good , i added weight on it ( weights and other heavy stuff ) - and left it for 24 hours.

Step 8: Apply Wood Filler

When you connect parts together - not always it comes straight , so you need to fill the gaps with wood filler.

If i had a proper saw , than the cutting would have come perfect , but i don`t. :(

Either way , apply the wood filler in all places that have gaps between, wait for it to fry for a few good hours.

Step 9: Sand It !

After the wood filler dried out , sand it ( grit 150 or 100 )

Step 10: Let the Painting Process Begin !

Choose the color you desire and paint it.

I started with a slim coat of varnish wood paint.

But at far as you can see , the wood filler is being seen threw the paint.

So after the first layers of the varnish , i took Brown Paint and got crazy all over the Simhasana !


Step 11: Brownish

Brown color !

Step 12: Grind the Sides

To give it a better look , i sanded a bit the sides of the BOX.

It looks better

Step 13: Add Initials

My friends name is Tamar - So i wrote her initials on the side of the BOX.

First i found a cool font , printed it , cut the letters and marked with a pen, then i used the Dremel tool to grind it slowly

Step 14: Ready !

It was a cool Instructable to build.

If you plan to build one , make sure you stregthen it very good , so that overweight people can sit on it without the fear of it breaking



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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nice work! It has inspired me to build one when I get the time, and to start doing a bit of yoga again. A question: What is the purpose of the cut out bit at the back (by the initials TC)?


    Reply 3 years ago

    to fit wall skirting board?


    3 years ago

    Neat build!