Simle Card Trick

Introduction: Simle Card Trick

In this instructable, I will explain a simple card trick for you.

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Step 1: What You Need

You need:

- a pack of cards

- a volunteer

- yourself

Step 2: Set Up Your Cards

For this trick, you will actually need to set up the cards, prior to showing the trick. Everything you have to do is to separate the black cards from the red cards.

Step 3: Showing the Trick

When you are showing the trick, ask your volunteer to select a card from either of the two piles. He must look at it and remember it but he must not show it to you. Then, ask him to place the card into the OTHER pile.

Step 4: Reveal the Card

Everything you know need to do is just look through the pile with the card. Since he would have picked a card from the same-coloured pile and placed in the pile with the other colour, it would be easy to identify the card. Say he picked it from the black pile and placed it into the red pile, everything you do is just find the black card in the red pile. Once you have found the card, show it your volunteer. They will be amazed!

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