Simon Says Game With Unique "twister" Controller

Introduction: Simon Says Game With Unique "twister" Controller

I did this project for a Final Class project in my crafting technologies class this past semester. The goal of this project is to make a control pad out of twister board for any makey makey game. I used my control board for a Simon Says game that I created on scratch to match my controller. 

List of Supplies Needed to Make this Project: 

A Twister Board
A Makey Makey Board, and alligator clips
4 pieces of tinfoil 
Conductive Thread

Helpful Websites: Check out the quick start guide which explains how to set up a Makey Makey far better than I ever could!

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Step 1: Step 1- Buy a Twister Game and Cut It Up:)

The first thing that you need to do is buy a Twister game and start cutting it up. I recommend cutting it horizontally to get one long strip of dots. Depending on how many keys you need for you makey makey game, that is how many dots you want to leave in your row. I cut one strip of dots and then shortened it to four dots. One dot for each Key( UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT) I also at this stage in the project taped arrows on top of each of my dots to signify which key they were. 

Step 2: Step 2: Connecting the Control Pad to the Makey Makey

I this step, I connected the plastic strip of dots to the Makey Makey. To make sure that there was a enough conductive electricity to power and play the game. I taped tin foil square patches underneath each of the control dots, along with conductive thread. After each dot had the tin foil placed underneath it, I attached the appropriate metal alligator clips to the dots and their corresponding Makey Makey output. 

Step 3: Step 3: Create/Find a Game to Test the Control Pad On

For my final project I decided to make and remix a simon says game that I found in scratch. You can find and build hundreds of games on the website:

Below is a picture of what a scratch game looks like as well as the website where you can find all of these games. 

Remix Credit: Original project: Simon by markroth8

Step 4: Hook Up the Makey Makey and PLAYYYY

The last step is to plug your makey makey device into your computer and start playing with your new toy, Try out several different games or puzzles with your new control pad and even challenge your friends!

Step 5: Possible Problems?

Some problems that may arise during your project is making sure that the Makey Makey is hooked up correctly, and make sure that the alligator clips are attached to something conductive. I also would suggest that you make the ground hook up to the Makey Makey longer so as to have more room to play around. 

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