Simple 16 X 2 Character Display Interface


Introduction: Simple 16 X 2 Character Display Interface

Hi friends, today in this instructables I am going to show you how to use a 16 X 2 character LCD display with Arduino UNO. So, lets start !!!

Step 1: Components Needed

1.) Arduino UNO

2.) USB B type cable

3.) 16 X 2 character LCD Display

4.) 10K ohm potentiometer

5.) 220 ohm resistor

6 a.) 16 pin female header (If you have LCD with male connector)

6 b.) 16 pin male header (If you have LCD with female connector)

7.) Dot board

Step 2: Tools Needed

1.) Soldering gun

2.) Soldering wire

Step 3: The Schematic

Fix all the components on the breadboard correctly and test it many times until you are sure that it will work properly. You must do this because if any problem occurs after soldering, it will be very difficult to find and correct the problem.

Step 4: The Code

Upload the code in your Arduino board.

Step 5: Solder the Components

Solder the components on your dot board according to the schematic. If it is not working, then check the connections. Also check the brightness of the back-light of the LCD display by rotating the potentiometer.



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