Simple $20 Disco Ball With Color Changing Lights !

Introduction: Simple $20 Disco Ball With Color Changing Lights !

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This is a Really simple, cheep, project that I made while waiting for new years eve. The effect is really cool with the lights off :D

I've been wanting to use these colour shifting led's I saw a while back. They will change colour on their own without a micro controller ! other Materials were Air duct, spare wire, black duct tape, electrical tape, Copper tape (or wire), string, and some soldering gear. I also used a drill at one point but it can be worked around :)

This is my Entry for the "Lets Party" and "On a Budget" Contests. So if you enjoy the Idea, your vote would be appreciated :) and feel free to Follow me for a few more goodies I plan to Publish soon :D

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Step 1: Solder the Lights to the Halo

To construct what i'm calling the Halo, You need a ring that is slightly wider then you Disco ball. I used a piece of air-duct but anything, even cardboard, will work.

You will need to solder the Led's together, there are two ways that I thought of doing it. First, you could individuality solder the led's with some wires. Second, you could use some copper tape and electrical tape. Either way you will need to wire them in parallel (all Anodes together, all Cathodes together) I will describe the copper tape; I found it much easier :)

Lay two strips of copper tape around the base of you halo. One of them will need an insulator underneath it so use some electrical tape, Or Kapton tape like I did. The positioning of the two power rails will be determined be the length of your Led's.

To prepare your Led's start by cutting half of one of the legs off (take care you cut the same leg of each led. Either the anode or the cathode will work, just cut them all the same) Use some heat shrink tubing or electrical tape to insulate the longer leg from making contact with the lower rail and solder them in place ! Take a moment to solder the wire leads and resistor that will power the Halo.

Next up, tweak the Led's inwards slightly so you can get a bit more light aimed towards the side. The more light is aimed at the side the better the effect will be. Finish it all off with a layer of black Duct tape inside and out, Yes duct tape :P

Step 2: Finish and Mount

To mount your creation, Use a drill to make 3 holes on the upper rim of the halo. Cut some string (I used some spare black wire) and tie them all together on one end; This will be were you attach the Disco ball to, and hang the whole fixture from. Thread the string through the holes and be sure that it sits level before securing the loose ends. Then simply tie it to the disco ball and use some string to hang it from the ceiling !

Future Upgrades, I would like to mount it on a small motor and run the wires through a Slip Ring so it can turn continuously. I would also like to make a lower Halo, but with some tin foil to reflect the light that is already being produced from the upper one.

I hope you Enjoyed the Read. Favorite or Follow if you would like to see more :)

Take care; Party on !


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