Simple 3-D Printed Rain Collector




Hello, this instructable is about how to make a simple 3-D printed rain collector. You can make it any size you want and you can use any software you want to create it.

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Step 1: Design the Main Body of the Rain Collector

To design the main body of the rain collector, all you have to do is make a tube, then you add a bottom to it, you can also add markings to show how much water has been collected

Step 2: Design the Funnel

Similar to the last step, you need to make a tube wide enough to fit into the main body, however remember to add a lip so that it doesn't fall to the bottom, in the center of the tube add a funnel.

Step 3: Print the Rain Gauge

After you have done all of this you can print out the rain gauge.

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    Clever idea. I have been trying to design my own rain collector for my house. Thanks for the design.