Simple AM Radio




Introduction: Simple AM Radio

We started off by getting a circuit board from Radio Shack, a 9v battery, a audio in, a ground wire, an antenna, a transformer, and an oscillator, and a 9v battery clip. We soldered the transmitter, oscillator on to the circuit board. For the battery, we used a Velcro part and stick the battery on top. For the wires, we stripped the size down and soldered them onto the circuit board making sure that it attaches to the transformer and the oscillator. To make it work, we plugged the audio in to a source such as a phone or CD player. Then we connect the ground to ground and connect the yellow wire which is an antennae to a metal rod to give it more signal which means that it should broadcast the radio which is 1000 AM.

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    5 years ago

    Not sure why anyone would want to do this when you can get an FM transmitter with better sound quality for under $10. But let's assume you wanted something with more range. How would I make this more powerful?


    Reply 4 years ago

    Longer antenna and more power ?