Simple Alcohol Powered Bottle Rockets

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Simple and Easy Bottle Rockets.

Be Sure to watch this video by which the Idea came about:


Step 1: Putting It Together.

Firstly grab a stove igniter and attach a small pipe to it's hose the width of which should be just as much as the bottle neck.Cut a Bottle like a funnel and attach that as well.

Warning:You must attach the Funnel(ed) Bottle to make sure the heat is kept away from your hands as otherwise you may burn your hand

Use duct tape to firmly secure everything in place and you are ready to go!

Step 2: Firing the Bottles

Add a few milliliters of Spirit/Rubbing Alcohol and then cap the bottle then shake to Evaporate the Alcohol. Uncap the bottle and pour the alcohol back into the bottle you took it from.Jerk the Bottle to remove droplets of Spirit and then Squeeze the Bottle to remove excess alcohol droplets and introduce some Oxygen into the Bottle.

Attach the Bottle to Launcher and take aim!



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