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This is my first instructable, and i'm not english so forgive me for my bad english. I've made a record/producer studio desk in my bed room. So lets start.

Step 1: Clean, Clean and Clean

I made my studio in my mezzy bed room. So I had to clean my room and wall up.

Step 2: Measurements

Measure all the things includes the computer and monitors So there are no suprisses during the mounting. Be always sure there's a power supply.

Step 3: Get Tour Stuff

Step 4: Mounting

Drill the hollles and fill them up with "mounting kit" and push the pluggs in. Put the rail in place to the wall en screw the screw to the half and let it dry. After it's dried you can screw the screws as far as they can go. Now place the (big) desk top consoles in the rails and screw the desk top in place. Optional you can cat yourself two peaces of wood from 15x20 cm and mount them apart on smaller consoles so you've got yourself a cheap studio monitor stand. Now make a from two peaces of wood a L shape chest/holder for your cables and power supply under your desk and place it on two small consoles. Be sure that before you mount the desk top you've made two little holes at the side that's going to your wall for the cables. Finally you can put a LED strip above your desk for lightning at late night work in your studio.

Step 5: Finish and Touch

Now your simple and cheap bedroom studio desk is finished, clear every thing up and settle all your studio devices and use it!!! You can optionally wipe some oil/wax on or paint your desk for protection and a nicer look.

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    4 years ago on Introduction

    that's actually pretty awesome :) will make it myself!
    will add some plates to hand my 2 monitors:)


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Good work on your build. Thanks for sharing! I hope we see more from you in the future!