Simple and Fun Car

Introduction: Simple and Fun Car

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This is a fun car that is easy to make. The best part is most of the supplies are things that are just lying around your house. I got this from another instructable but modified it a bit

Step 1: Supplies

First you will need:
•4 plastic bottle caps
•4 tacks of same color
•2 toe separaters (same size)
•1 toe separaters (one size smaller than the others)

Step 2: Car Body

Line up the 2 same sized toe separaters, then take the smaller one and put it in as show in the pictures. ( this holds it together)

Step 3: Tape

Get a piece of tape a little longer than an inch and tape the bottom long ways like in the photo. Now take 2 other pieces of tape about an inch long and tape one on each side horizontal.

Step 4: The Tires

For the tires use the tacks to poke a hole in the middle. (When your poking the holes poke lots of little ones to make the hole a bit bigger if you want the wheels to spin more.) Make sure the pointy end of the tack is sticking out of the top part of the bottle cap.

Step 5: Decorating

This is optional but if you want your car to look cooler than you can use markers to color it. I colored the tires pink to match my car.

Step 6: Finish

Now all you have to do is stick the wheels in (which I'm pretty sure you can figure out where to put) and you are good to go. Have fun with your new car! :)
P.S. be careful letting small kids have this because it has sharp tacks in it.

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