Simple Arduino Laser Alarm



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Arduino (any board)


laser receiver module

laser module

LED (any colour /color)


jumper wires

Things you may want to add:

siren light

relay to control any thing


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Step 1: Wiring Up

First make sure your Arduino is turned OFF.

start with power to breadboard, laser module, laser receiver module, buzzer (short wire) and LED (short wire) plugged into ground / - / GND and 5v / +

Arduino inputs and outputs:

Pin 13 to "s" (signal) pin to the laser module

Pin 12 to the LED (long wire)

Pin 11 to the buzzer (long wire)

Step 2: Upload Code to the Arduino

Note: In the code I have written the alarm will sound for 3 seconds.

Plug your Arduino into your computer

select what type of board it is: Tools, Board,

the Arduinos COM port: Tools, serial port

and finally upload (ctrl-u)

Step 3: Thing Your May Want to Add

Siren light:

Take your light apart and remove all unneeded things inside and glue an LED in and plug the wires into were it was before. ______________________________________________________________________________________________


Plug your relay into GND, 5v and Pin11 (you will need to add this into the code)



Place the laser some were then place a mirror were the laser shines and do this till you like it, But make sure to aim it at the laser receiver module.

Step 4: Setup

Place the laser some were and aim it at the laser receiver module.

Turn on your Arduino and your done.


If you want to see my other laser alarm Instructable link is below:

Arduino laser alarm

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