Simple Arduino Robot - Block Programming for Kids




Introduction: Simple Arduino Robot - Block Programming for Kids


Arduino Robot project aims to enable kids to program their own robot through simple drag and drop block programming

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Step 1: Overview

In this project we will use mBlock, that is a Scratch variant with the same drag-and-dropping style. mBlock is an open source and enable write programs to control the robot or give it some intelligence.

If you didn't have mBlock, download it from, also you need to add Arduino Rover extension to mBlock as following,

  1. From Extensions menu item
  2. Open Manage Extensions (short-cut Ctrl+shift+T)
  3. Click Available button and search for "Rover"
  4. Click Download

You can now write Arduino programs and build them direct from mBlock, from Edit menu switch to Arduino mode

Step 2: Part List

2 X DC Motors

2 X Wheels

1 X Caster (or old roll-on bottle)


1 X 220 Ohm Resistor

1 X 10 Ohm NTC Thermal Resistor (Optional to limit DC motors max current)

1 X 100uF Capacitor

1 X 1N4001 Diode

L293D Motor Driver (or other Arduino Motor driver extension)

IR Remote controller + IR receiver Diode

7.0volts Battery (or 4 x AA batteries)

Breadboard 400 Tie Point

Arduino Uno (or other supported Ardunio board)

Step 3: Building the Robot

Download the attached RobotBase.pdf and use a cutter and cardboard paper to cut the robot base. Then mount the motors and caster using hot glue.

Step 4: Wiring Diagram

Wire all components as the above diagram.

Step 5: Writing the Code

Start mBlock IDE in Arduino mode, and select Arduino Uno board from Boards menu. check Arduino Rover Extension page for more information on how to use.

Attached below arduino_rover.sb2 a complete sample for Arduino Robot code.

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    5 Discussions


    Question 10 months ago on Step 4

    Hi; I am familiar with Arduino Uno coding but not mBlock. I tried using the mBlock to program what you have and I can not get the Arduino block. How did you write this program? You have (mBlock IDE in Arduino mode, and select Arduino Uno) How do I do this? I asked mBlock for help but they have not responded. Can you please guide me on the exact steps? I also connected a Arduino Board thinking maybe it needs to be connected. But it did not seem to help me. I just want a simple LED to turn on and off just to get started. I do not see the mBlock commands to do that either. to set a pin or output to a level. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you! jazzdrumplayer


    Answer 4 months ago

    Hello jazzdrumplayer, Check this video


    1 year ago

    I will try it with my 6 year old baby here in Brazil herer are very expensive and you gave us a chance thanks a lot you rock baby hahaha


    2 years ago

    Thank you, Hopefully be useful. The project on is open for contribution, many features can be added.


    2 years ago

    That's neat, thanks for sharing :)