Simple Axe Cover




Introduction: Simple Axe Cover

The following instructions were based on a 5lb axe.

You will need the following materials and tools;

  • 30cm square of Leather (I used reclaim from a sofa)
  • Polyester thread
  • Superglue (Superglue bonds skin and leather in seconds, use with caution)
  • Strong scissors
  • Sewing machine with leather needle
  • 2x clothes pegs

Step 1:

Cut a square of leather 2cm bigger than the height of your axe head.

Cut a strip of leather twice the length of your axe head and approximately half the height of your axe head.

Finally cut a small tab of leather the same size as the width of your axe head and the same height as your axe head.

Step 2:

Take the long strip, mark halfway.

Using a few small dots of glue, stick the tab to the back of the strip at the halfway mark.

Do not use too much glue as it is not flexible, it is only as a temporary fix until it is stitched.

Stitch the tab firmly in place.

Pull lose thread ends through to the back and tie off, the ends of the threads can be melted with a lighter to keep them neat.

Step 3:

Fold the square piece in half, hold it in place with the pegs, fit this over your axe head.

take the leather strip, align the tab with the back of the head and secure the ends under the square at the front on both sides with a little glue.

The head should fit snug, if there is any movement it needs to be tighter.

Step 4:

This is where it gets difficult.

Remove the pegs (and the axe)

Without breaking the ring open out your square.

Stitch the strip onto the square where you have glued it, make sure you cross at least twice.

I have included stitching along the edge of the strip and the end of the square piece, this is not required but looks nicer

Step 5:

Finally stitch along the top and bottom edge of the square twice to make a pouch.

To make the cover last longer I have glued a scrap of leather in the bottom of the pouch.

The cover is now ready to be used

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    Nicely done! This looks like a well made cover, and not too hard to make. Thanks for sharing! :)