Simple BLT




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Bacon-Tomato-Lettuce sandwiches.
So simple, sooo good!

Step 1: Ingredient

You need:
2 slices of bread
Mayo ( no salad dressing please)
Fresh and crispy lettuce
First step: Put the bread in the toaster. The bacon in the microwave.
                 Wash and dry the lettuce and the tomatoes before you cut them up.
                 I use a clean hand towel to dry them.

Step 2: Getting Thing's Together

When the bacon is done, get the fat out with a paper towel.
The more you get out now, the less you get on you later...

Get the toast and put mayo on both slice (be generous, that's the secret)

Step 3: Red Stage

Put the tomato slice and some salt and pepper.

Step 4: Bacon Stage

Add the bacon
I prefered mine to be very crispy...

Step 5: Green Stage

Place the lettuce.

Step 6: Finish

Place the second  toast on top and cut across. Voilà!

I hope you like it to.



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