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About: Hi! My name is Anna and I am fifteen-years-old. I absolutely love to read and write books, play the violin and fiddle.

My little sister just loves dolls. She has all sorts of them... glass, American girl lookalikes, and all sorts of other kinds. She's got a doll kitchen and a doll bassinet. I've made her all sorts of doll clothes, and since it's so cold out now, I thought she'd like a dolly quilt. This doesn't actually have any batting in it so it won't be very warm, but the doll doesn't really need much warmth. This is a cute little thing and it's more for the looks than anything else.

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Step 1: What You Need

First things first... pick out your fabrics. You are going to need about two yards any color fabric (or you can mix match them like I did). Two yards will give you nine 7x7 inch squares, with a little left over. I did six lightly checkered squares and then three dark checkered squares. You will also need two yards of a solid color for the backing. I did a light brown/tan. And then lastly and very obviously, you need thread of whatever color matches (or doesn't match if you want it to stand out).


Step 2: Ironing and Cutting

Take your uncut fabric and iron until perfectly straight and flat. This will help with keeping the squares even. Once the fabric is ironed, take your ruler and mark a line at seven for the width and the length. Hold your ruler down firmly on the line you made, and then cut along the ruler. This will help with stability and keep the cut straight. Cut out each of the nine squares and then re-iron them.

Step 3: Place the Squares

Place your squares in whatever formation or pattern you like. I messed around with different patterns for a while before I decided on what I did.Try different things! Experiment!

Step 4: Pinning

We're going to separate the "quilt" into three different columns. You are going to take the bottom square (square 1) and pin it with the one right above it (square 2). Pin them facing each other like the pictures above. Then take square 3 and pin it with square 2 in the same way you did with square 1. Take this pinned column and sew on the pinned areas. This will connect the squares together, and you won't be able to see your stitching. Repeat this step with the other two columns, sewing the squares together. You should be left with three columns and no extra squares.

Step 5: Some More Pinning and Ironing

Take the three columns and pin together in the same way you did the squares. Once everything is sewn together, plug in your iron again and iron out the quilt so there aren't any bubbles or wrinkles. After it's nicely ironed, flip it over and iron the seams how you'd like so that they don't sit wrong once it's done.

Step 6: The Backing

Take your backing and iron it out until smooth. Pin the backing to the front side of the quilt so that it lines up pretty well. Sew it together, stopping about six inches from where you started. Bring the quilt through itself so that the right sides are facing where they should, then fold the seam that isn't sewn over into a hem and then pin them both together and sew. Once it's done, it won't be very obvious.

Step 7: Embellishments

I might go as far to say that this is the most fun part- but it's optional. With the dolly quilt done, feel free to add a bit of extras to it. Take a piece of scrap fabric and mess around with your machine's different settings. You'll find that it can make some pretty neat stitches! Then draw on the designs you like. I'm going with the theme of hearts, so I'm drawing a heart in each of the two red corners and then outlining the center square in a lacy looking stitch I like. I'm also going to draw three heart (one large one in the center and two smaller ones next to it) in the center square.

This was so much fun! Since the backing was a much lighter color then the front, I threaded the bobbin with a different color (red) so that it was red on the back and white in the front. It looked so cool!

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    6 months ago on Step 7

    Dear Anna, Such a sweet quilt for your little sister! Love it and love you too! Grandma Trudi